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1972 #2760502 Car is in excellent overall shape and is considered a daily driver. Lately the engine will just begin to miss and the tach jumps around at idle the shop says that the #2&3 cylinders misfire but the settings check out on the kugelfisher. He does not know what to prescribe at this point. this issue appears randomly after warm up and sometimes at the cold start. perplexed in Va.
Jul. 29, 2010 by Kevin Grim, Alexandria, Virginia. 22304
Not a lot to go on Kevin. What does the compression look like, had a recent valve adjustment? What are the condition of the injectors? Points or electronic ignition? Need more data to help narrow down the problem.

Can anyone shed some light on the installation procedure for the belt line trim. Should the clips be installed on the car first or slid into the trim and then installed into the appropriate holes. I am afraid I will bend the trim if I attempt to snap it over the clips already installed. Thanks
Dec. 25, 2009
The H-shaped plastic clips should be attached to the car first. Put them in position, then push the round pin in to lock the clip in place. Leave them out of the end holes - a metal clip holds the ends in place, with a washer and nut. Once the clips are installed, I put the trim in position, allowing the bottom edge to seat first, then use the palm of my hand to ever-so-gently tap the top edge into place. Last update: 2009-04-13 17:23 Author: John in VA

Can someone tell me where I can buy a complete set of weatherstripping, especially the piece that goes underneath the hood.
Dec. 25, 2009
I just received the long hood seal # 51-23-5-480-192, and the (2) side seals on the cowl # 41-61-5-480-195 (left side) and 196 (right side). These seals are available through any BMW dealer, and also on-line through a variety of BMW suppliers who sell mail-order.

didn't really know where to put this but, for Wes Ingram, (http://www.wesingram.com/) you're showing old address/phone info. Ingram Enterprises, Inc. 15613 Peterson Road Bldg C Burlington, WA 98233 Wes: 360.707.5701 hope this helps, great site
Feb. 20, 2010 by colin kikawa, Seattle, WA
Thanks Colin, I've updated the information on the site.

Does all tii have rectangular taillights? If the tii with round taillights exist, how many were made? From when to when? Thanks, Chuta, prospective 2002 tii owner from Bangkok
Dec. 25, 2009
The Tii production ran from 1971 to 1975. There were two model production types the factory refers to as Model 71 and Model 73, which actually define the years they began producing them. Model 71s refer to round tail lights, and Model 73s refer to square or rectangular tail lights. The lone exception to the Model 73 is the 2002tii Touring. It has round tail lights, yet it features all the improvements of the square tail light models. Perhaps it is the ultimate combination of the old and new. ROUND TAIL LIGHT Tii Model 71 2002tii (Left Hand Drive) 4/1971 until 8/1973 Model 71 2002tii (Right Hand Drive) 6/1971 until 8/1973 Model 71 2000tii Touring (Left Hand Drive) 4/1971 until 8/1973 Model 71 2002tii (USA) 8/1971 until 8/1973 Model 73 2002Tii Touring Model 73 2002tii Touring (Left Hand Drive) 8/1973 until 4/1974 SQUARE TAIL LIGHT Tii Model 73 2002tii (Left Hand Drive) 8/1973 until 6/1975 Model 73 2002tii (Right Hand Drive) 8/1973 until 6/1975 Model 73 2002tii (USA) 9/1973 until 12/1974 Total Production LHD Tii 27,572 USA Tii 7,447 2000 Tii Touring 5,058 RHD Tii 3,678 2002 Tii Touring 723 ============================ Total 44,478

Does anyone have any info on adjusting the fuel mixture for altitude, I am purchasing a Tii in Telluride, Co 8750' asl and returning to Fl 0' asl. Thanks
Apr. 30, 2010 by michael white, florida
There isn’t altitude specifics about air fuel mixture. The O2 adjustment is the same at any altitude based on the amount of fuel being burned. That is measured at the tailpipe by BMW’s book with a three gas analyzer, not something anybody has laying around in a tool bag! If the engine is timed properly (I doubt it is) and the valve adjustment is recent, this is a simple task. The engine will lean out as you descent down the mountains to the plains to sea level. This will require you to adjust the air/fuel adjustment screw to richer. You must make richer settings as you go to prevent power loss. If not the car will become really powerless, or start to buck – and that’s when you must make the change.

Driving hard along great ocean road and flame from exhaust, looked impressive to 02 behind me but I think it may be running a little rich. How do you make an adjustment?
Dec. 25, 2009
While our Tii pump manual and video would help you with adjusting, the consensus of the experts here is we think it may be your fuel injection system is at fault - and specifically with worn out, leaking injectors leaking fuel. Rich fuel condition wouldn't totally explain flameout as you were seeing. To have that much gas would mean you would also be blowing a lot of black exhaust also. Have your injectors ever been evaluated? This is probably a safe place to start. The injectors after either time or miles do wear due to the extreme (500+lbs) nozzle pressure used in the Tii fuel injection pump system. Spray pattern and leaking rob the car of it's true performance.

Great site! Best collection of '02 schematics on the net. You have a schematic listed as: 2002 Model 76 USA (titled as 1976), that is actually a schematic for an early 6 fuse '02 If you ever upgrade your schematic PDF files, consider adding the original index pages to each schematic. Adding them would allow people to print the schematics with the index. Having a readable paper copy of a schematic (and index) while working on a problem, makes the job easier. Many copies of original '02 schematics are fairly useless due to bluring of details - in the worst cases, not even the wire colors can be read. Some of your schematics are much better scans than others. In any case - Keep up the good work!
Mar. 3, 2010
Thanks for the heads up. The link has been changed to reflect the right diagram http://www.2002tii.org/diagrams/bmw2002-usa-1976.pdf

Grey smoke from the exhaust when decelerating
Dec. 26, 2009
Q. I bought a '74 tii a few months ago. Because of the crappy weather, I haven't wanted to take it out for anything more than a quick drive. Today I took it on the freeway and got it up to speed and heading down the road. It runs fine, really strong as far as I can tell. I haven't driven one before, so have no frame of reference. But it pulls hills well and accelerates strongly. The problem is when I got off the freeway I notice I was throwing out a large cloud of gray smoke. So, I started watching closer. It seems that when I accelerate hard and then let up, a pretty big cloud is following me. Also, the car idles fine in around town driving. But, when I push it a little and then slow down, it wants to stall out on me and sends out more smoke signals. I'm guessing (hoping) this is a problem of it running too rich. Does that sound right? Where should I start looking for problems and fixes? Like I say, I'm brand new to this car so any and all advice will be appreciated. Thanks, Noel A. Noel, Not to worry just yet. Historically all of these engines have this problem smoking unless you upgrade the head on a rebuild. To understand the cause, you need to know what the real problem is. The M10 BMW engine pumps oil to the top of the head to lubricate the drive train. At higher RPMs in cruising speeds, the oil pools up in the head as it should. The valve stem seals are designed to block most of that oil in normal use. As they get old, they crack. Then the oil will travel down the exhaust valve into the chamber and burn off because there is not a good seal as you let off or decelerate the engine. SO… How to make it stop? 1) Instead of using the engine to slow the car down, in the interim just put the car in neutral and slow the car with the brakes. This will largely reduce the problem. We have heard great stories about using Lucas Oil Treatment to replace one quart of oil. It seems to make the seals swell up and get rid of most of the problem. 2) To solve the problem completely, you must rebuild the head using BMW’s later model valve guides and seals. If you replace the seals with the original designed seals, the problem comes back after just a few years. Ask me how I know L. The new BMW Part Numbers to replace the old: Valve Guide Part Number: 11 12 1 263 642 (2007 price $15 each, requires 8) Valve Seal Part Number: 11 34 9 059 169 (2007 price $2 each, requires 8) For a complete look at the head rebuilding process for your car, look at my site’s article on my rebuild: http://www.my2002tii.com/feb04/index2.htm One last note – even with the new guides and seals, the smell of the burning oil still happens, but the smoke doesn’t come back.

Hayes Neely Autobahn Station Farmington New Mexico says that he can cover the dash on my 1972 2002 tii with vinyl/naugahide. Has anybody heard of him good or bad?
Feb. 15, 2010 by Donald Marinoni, ca
No we haven't. Perhaps others here will offer up a photo or their opinion of the finished product.

Hello: I have never owned a 2002tii before, but am considering purchasing one to replace my daily domestic driver. After many web searches, your site has proven to be very detailed and a good reference! I am looking specifically at an ebay listing 200502557197. If most of the restoration has been completed, would this be an economical car to drive? Are parts easy to get without an arm and a leg? I do most repairs myself, but leave major stuff to the pros. Also, what is the mpg of a tii? thanks!
Jul. 31, 2010
A 2002tii as an economical car? Not really. Many parts that normally wear out like brakes, shocks, tires, hoses and belts are probably no more cost or less available than contemporary cars. Major engine repairs, transmission, a/c system can get to 4 digit dollar expensive very quickly. These cars are not simple like a Beetle from the same era nor as economical. If you have a local mechanic who is comfortable working on them, you may have an advantage. This is a mechanical restoration shown, cosmetic restorations would require $25,000 and up in new parts to get started.

How do i find the Original BMW Parts catalog - the white books?
Feb. 11, 2010 by ken inn
Here's the link to the page: http://www.2002tii.org/kb/55

i am interested in learning more about, then buying, a 2002tii. could someone direct me to a source for clean cars for sale (aka, a reputable source on the east coast)? thank you ish mclaughlin cell 917-593-2728
Mar. 26, 2010 by ish mclaughlin, nj
Ish, We don't do car sales. We'll make your information available, we have a large audience who may be able to assist you.

I am restoring a 1974 tii, I would love to put on an OEM firewall curtain while the engine compartment is clean. Where do I order one from?
Dec. 25, 2009
The OEM firewall blanket is still available new from BMW in the SOUND INSULATION category of the parts microfiche. The part number is 51 48 7 450 110. As of May 2008, this is the list price Part Number MSRP 51487450110 $141.10

I have a 76 2002 Tii with a vin #2375547. Your web site states US Tii's are only 71-74. Where did the 75 an 76 Tii's come from?
May. 6, 2010 by Brad Anderson, washington
Brad, your VIN indicates it's one of the 10,000 USA model 1976 2002s with a carburetor. In the USA, the last real Tii's were built in 1974 and the VIN begins with 278XXXX. You car either has just a 2002tii emblem, or it could have all the guts of the Tii - engine, struts, brake system, dash clock - from a donor Tii. You would have to have somebody who knows the parts look at your car and tell you exactly to be sure. For the record, the last 2002tii's were a left hand drive model, built sometime in June 1975 it's VIN is 2737460, and the very last 2002tii coupe ever built was a right hand drive model built in October of 1975, it's VIN is 2771233, according to BMW AG's information they supply me with.

I own a 73 2002 and out of the blue a gentleman approached me yesterday with "I have a Tii motor and a bunch of extra parts if you want em". I now have a whole load of parts and a motor that I hope is out of a tii. There is no intake or fuel injection in the group of parts. I would like to know how to tell if it truly is from a tii. Any help out there? Thanks, Gary
Dec. 25, 2009
Easiest way is to check the number stamped on the block at the rear left upper corner. If it is a tii VIN number, it's a tii engine. Couple other differences: 1. there's a small threaded hole in the oil filter housing for the oil return line from the injector pump. 2. no fuel pump mount on the cylinder head. 3. the alternator mount is lower on th left side of the engine than the standard location. 4. the crankshaft pulley will have a toothed pulley to drive the injector pump.

I smell gas fumes when I drive
Dec. 26, 2009
After additional investigation, the 0-ring seal on the fuel pickup was cracked, allowing fuel to leak out when the tank is full (also the fumes when not full). Since this seal is not available from many suppliers, you'll have to order one from BMW.

I'm doing my spring tune-up and am about to install a new valve cover gasket. What brand/type of gasket sealer do you all prefer? thanks, Steve
Dec. 26, 2009
The stock gasket installation requires no gasket sealer at all to work properly.

Injector belt broke today. I have never replace one. I have a Haynes manual and it looks straight forward. Any suggestions hints, etc.
Dec. 25, 2009
You simply have to make sure that all the gears are in the correct position/relation to each other by lining up the marks. There is no tensioner. Consequently, it may help to remove a gear and then replace it with the belt already set into the teeth. You can hurt anything by getting it wrong so don't fret too much over it. Steve, in the NL's.

Is anyone out there fabricating center consoles?
Dec. 26, 2009
Mark Parker, of Parker Performance ( http://parkerperformance.com/) makes nice custom center consoles in metal - painted or covered in vinyl or leather. Really nice stuff - I've got a customer 3 gauge, Behr AC, DIN Radio center console done in black leather from him I'm very pleased with. He doesn't seem to do wood or wood veneer, so there may be a market if that's what you'd be offering. Last update: 2007-11-25 20:20 - Author: Tom

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