A/C vent assembly removal tip

After being annoyed looking at the grime that had accumulated below/in my A/C housing, I decided to disassemble it for cleaning. Here is how to remove the main vent in the faceplate:

  1. Remove both console side pieces
  2. Remove shift knob
  3. Remove shifter surround (mine was not fastened to anything!)
  4. Remove 4+ horizontal screws holding each side of the faceplate to the A/C housing.
  5. Remove (2) large vertical screws holding the faceplate to the lower dash (keep track of the small aluminum bushings between the a/c housing and dash).
  6. Pull faceplate slightly away from a/c housing (no wires need to be removed).
  7. Rotate vent so that the narrow portion is pointing into the a/c housing (this is important!).
  8. Pick one side and gently pry the rear tab of the pivot bearing away from the housing (outward), while pulling the grill (with bearing) away from the housing.
  9. Remove and clean vent assembly! Soak in dishwater and clean using Q-tips.
  10. Re-install using reverse procedures.

Author: Jim Gerock
Last update: 2007-05-15 09:25

The BEHR Air Conditioning System

These are the most comprehensive documentation booklets on the Behr A/C for the 2002.  They are the original documents scanned to high resolution for printing.   Only the dealer had these documents originally.

Both documents require the Adobe Acrobat Reader installed in your computer to view them.




Special thanks to Bob Murphy for acquring this information many years ago from Behr.

Last update: 2006-12-06 22:30
Author: Keith Kreeger