Tii Fuel Pump Repairs

Q. Do you guys know where i can buy just the tear drop shaped seal that goes in the fuel pump where the screen is?

A. Zac,

Originally, BMW buys this part as a complete assembly from BOSCH and does not provide seperate repair or replaceable components of the pump.

After some discussion and past pondering over the same question as you, we would recommend you look in your phone book for a Certified Bosch Repair service company near you and see if they can provide you with the part you need.

Alternatively, Mesa Performance in the San Diego, California area is selling reconditioned pumps with core charge of $40 if you don’t have a pump to swap out.

Mesa Performance Website

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Kugelfisher Pump Rebuilders

Q. Would someone please recommend a reliable source for rebuilt pump and injectors for the tii?

A. The following are well known pump re-builders in the USA.

Jerry Fairchild Industries
5242 Westside Road
Redding, CA
530 241-1592
Contact: Robert Fairchild

H & R Fuel Injection
1648 C Locust Avenue
Bohemia, NY 11716
516 589-1600
Contact: Hans Utke

Mashinter Research Center
414 9th Street
Rockford, IL 61108
815 226-3422
Contact: Bill Mashinter

Pacific Fuel Injection
153 Utah Avenue, #B
South San Francisco, CA
650 588-8880
Contact:  Gus Pfister

Precision Automotive Research
901 Hillside Drive
Bensenville, IL 60106
630 766-4402
Contact: David M. Redszus

Ingram Enterprises, Inc.
15613 Peterson Road, Bldg C
Burlington, WA 98233
Contact: Wes Ingram

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Kugelfisher Injection Pump Technical Operations and History

Orignal article by: Jeff Mulchahey

It strikes me that some confusion exists over exactly which Kugelfischer mechanical injection pumps were used on which models of cars and in which market.

First, the 2 liter engine with mechanical fuel injection vas used in several cars which we really newer saw in this country.

Aside from the ’02 series, what we know as the tii motor BMW also used in the older 2000 sedan and the first 5-series body.

Here is a partial breakdown on which cars used which pump, excluding limited rarities such as Alpina, racing, or Turbo derivatives.

Model 			Pump Designation  	Kugelfischer Number
1969-71 2000tii  	PL04-124.01A-1 & A- 2 	92 004 010
1971 2000tii and  	PL04-124.01 B-1 or 	92 004 011
1972- 73 2002tii 	PL04-124.01 C-1  	92 004 012
1974 2002tii(USA) 	PL04-124.02 A-1  	92 004 020

The early cars utilized a slightly different throttle linkage arrangement which lead to the A-series pumps not being interchangeable with the B-series or later pumps. The later (i.e. 1974) USA market cars utilized a pump (124.02) which contained a different fuel delivery cam (see below). Interestingly, my 1976 hard copy parts books shows that the early European and USA cars used the same pump 13 51 1 256 536 (BMW number, new parts only are listed here-not AT or Yl numbers) which is superseded to 13 51 1 259 887. This 887 pump is listed for European only models while the later ’74 USA cars used the unique number 1351 1 259 535. However, my 11/85 microfiche shows only the 13 51 1 259 882 part (the AT version of the 887 part) and the 13 51 1 259 535 part as being available, with the former applied to European models and the latter applied to US models.

Two things become apparent from this. First is that the earlier USA market cars carried the same injection pump as did their European contemporaries. To support this, a local 1972 USA market tii carries a pump labeled PL04-124.01 B-1 and 92 004 011 and Chris Achleithner tells me that the 92 004 Oil pump is the prevalent version in Bavaria. Second, I conclude that the pump shown currently as the European pump is functionally the same as the early USA pump with the V7 cam while the “current” USA pump (259 535) is in fact the later USA version. According to Kugelfischer literature, the 124.01 At and A2 pumps differed from later pumps insofar as a running change occurred in the throttle body which made those pumps incompatible with the later throttle bodies due to alterations in the cam which complement changes to the throttle. pump with the V6 cam. My 11/73 microfiche for the 2000tii agrees with the 1976 2002 book. I further suggest that although the above information on pump designation vas obtained from Kugelfischer publications and shows that the various pump had differing designations at Kugelfischer, BMW AG considered all the 124.01 pumps to be functionally identical except the 1974.

I have included as figures a copy of a graph by Dave Redszus which vas published in a previous tii Register Newsletter. In it, Dave shows fuel delivery profiles for the V6 and V7 pump cams. The positions P1, P2, P3, and P4 correspond to the idle, low partial throttle, high partial throttle, and full throttle pin settings at the enrichment lever on the engine-side of the pump. The V6 cam vas used on the 1974 models while the V7 cam vas used on earlier cars. Recall that the 1974 USA cars had to meet more stringent exhaust gas emission standards and that most of the emission tests were done at idle and under part throttle acceleration. This probably explains why the V6 cam is leaner than the V7 cam at low speeds. As discussed above, it appears that all the tii pumps except the 1974 USA pump used the V7 fuel profile while the 1974 USA pump used the Y6 cam.

The BMW 2002tii Fuel Injection System Manual & Video

As part of the conversion of the register’s knowledge into a more “virtual group of owners” in the 21st Century, Bob and I have been working together to republish all of the original information published in two decades of newsletters and also much of the hard to find original BMW NA documentation.  We have released the video and the book, “The BMW 2002 tii Fuel Injection System”, which has been only available in hard copy and VHS/DVD to Register members and BMW dealers in North America. These were originally developed by BMW North America for its dealer network in the early 1980s.

There are two parts you need to review – VIDEO and MANUAL. See below.


Example: Click links below to download the video.
Example: Click links below to download the video.

The video is complimentary to the manual and can be viewed on any computer with the proper viewer – Quicktime from Apple for the low res (may work for dialup users) or the largest file (DSL or higher). Unfortunately the original audio is originally a bit distorted – converting to the web magnifies the flaws of the audio more. Click below to view the video in your browser. (Note, Windows users can right click and save the file to your local drive)


Quicktime – Low Resolution (11mb)
Quicktime – High Resolution (28mb)


The pump manual is in PDF format, 29 pages.

The manual is over 22mb Acrobat PDF file in length, but contains the vast majority of information previously known to dealers and pump subject matter experts.  Of course, this is not a step by step to rebuild your pump by any stretch of the imagination – that still takes experts with the right tools, parts and test equipment. However, this does answer the majority of questions asked by Tii owners and prospective owners when it comes to the Kugelfischer pump.

Click here to download the manual.