2002tii Replacement Battery


My “new” 1973 2002tii needs a new battery. Any suggestions for a good, maintenance free battery? I remember the “Varta” brand as the OEM battery when I had my original 2002 as well as a few later BMW’s but I don’t think that Varta is sold in the US anymore. Anyone have a battery that could suggest?

Jim Gerock writes: When I bought my 73tii, the previous owner had installed an Interstate brand MT-42 60 Month battery. It’s a tight fit, but it works. Keith Kreeger writes: The original VARTA type battery is still available from any BMW dealer. The  BMW part number is 61 21 1 362 314, which is a 55 amp hour battery according to the most recent parts CD we have. Last update: 2007-06-10 19:27 Author: Jim Gerock, Keith Kreeger

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