The original Tii Register was a newsletter, printed and mailed by hand over a number of years.

We each, greatly owe a debt of gratitude to Bob Murphy, as owners of these fine automobiles.

Bob Murphy, November 2007 with his highly modified 1974 2002tii.

Although it started in September of 1984 as a special interest group, The Tii Register has remained through the years largely through the efforts of one man, Bob Murphy.  Bob, an early owner and enthusiast with an unending quest for more knowledge about the Tii, contributed, then by chance inherited and continued to produce a newsletter to a few hundred owners.

  • While it was published infrequently, when it went out, it contained a lot of great information and experience of the early owners who shared their thoughts and opinions where there were no other resources to be had. Bob used the newsletter to communicate what he found, even though much of the time he lived in Australia while working for Exxon Mobil.   He continued the passion once he returned to his homeland of Texas.
  • From a BMW CCA perspective, Bob ultimately played a key role in bringing BMW AG Mobile Tradition and the BMW Car Club of America together, when they were both just getting started.  Through his relationship with key stake holders at Mobile Tradition, Bob was able to be a voice – and lobby on behalf of the at large Register members – to BMW on what Tii owners needed, especially in terms of knowledge and input towards parts that were no longer made by BMW.  One of the classic examples is the Tii pump pulley which was reinvented by BMW AG once again with improvements suggested by Bob.
  • In 2005, we began the process to convert that information into a more distributable format using the web.  Bob uncovered more new gems of information he was going to publish.

Bob Murphy, who was kind enough in his years of retirement, continued to share his knowledge to current and prospective owners of these fine cars largely on the phone. He unearthed the lost Kugelfisher pump training video and instruction manuals from BMW USA, and the missing data and part information on the Behr AC units for the 2002.

  • Bob passed away September, 2015 near his home in Houston Texas.