How To Start a Flooded Tii


This may be obvious, but It took me 10 years to figure it out. Occasionally my tii will not start the first time when hot. This is usually because of inattention on my part. Some of these times, the engine will become flooded. Because of the design of its fuel delivery system, the tii will not respond, when flooded, to the classical “fix” of putting the accelerator to the floor to air out the cylinders. The only real “fix” is to wait 1-2 hours.

One time in this situation, I removed the fuse controlling the electric fuel pump, thus depriving the engine of added fuel both from the injectors, but more importantly, from the cold start valve the engine then turned over briefly after starting it with the accelerator on the floor. I stopped the engine immediately, replaced the fuse, and drove on.

contributed by: Thomas A. Butterworth

Last update: 2006-12-07 00:11

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