2002 Registry: how we keep track of the 2002s out there…

Several years ago, we made a decision to merge all the car registration activity on the web for the 2002s into one site.  The original registry kept a paper list of cars they knew of. To date, we have more data on 2002s than anybody has ever collected before.  More Tii information than ever could have been dreamed of when we started the newsletter years ago.  Even BMW Mobile Tradition was impressed that we had pulled this off.

Current Status of the Registry

The original BMW 2002 Registry (www.bmw2002registry.com) database of thousands of cars whereabouts were pulled from public access in 2017 due to the never ending increases in security threats from those who wish to do harm to the site. We are looking for a way to re-host it in the future within this site.  We appreciate the information provided to us over many years and plan to provide it as a resource again in the near future.

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