2002tii Alternator Testing Tips


After removing my alternator for bushing replacement, I took it to (2) places before I was able to have it tested. The newest computerized charging system tester stations do not list this car in their database. Some places don’t have the correct connector. I first took my original 73 unit to a local Pep Boys service center. They had a fancy new machine that didn’t have the older BMW’s listed. The second place was an Advanced Auto Parts store.

They had a slightly older tester that was used on my alternator – but they claimed the output was too low under load. I neglected to ask “how bad is it”. They also tried to sell me the standard top mount non-tii remanufactured unit!. I finally ended up in a very old Auto/Marine Electric shop very close to my workplace. They tested the alternator and said it worked fine but the bearings were going bad. I decided to order a Bosch AL-40X (still on backorder). After waiting 4 weeks! – my new alternator arrived. It even came with a new black pulley/fan and resistor! Notes regarding the red urethane bushings sold by several companies: They are too thick and the stock washer will not fit under the circlip. Trim the leading edges before installing them. Last update: 2009-06-24 19:01 Author: Jim Gerock

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  1. Not sure if this subject is still active or not, but there is a guy in Flemington, NJ that will overhaul the TII Alternators. I put the synthetic bushings in mine with no problems. It resolved an constant squeal when cold. Don’t get rid of the original.

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