The BMW 2002, the iconic ancestor to the popular BMW 3 Series car of today, was produced from 1968 to 1976.  In 1971, the high performance, fuel injected BMW 2002tii variant was produced in small quantities, ending in 1975. There are several types of coupes and hatchback models delivered throughout the world.Our web site is highly focused on supporting and maintaining the BMW 2002tii… It is the original version of the “Ultimate Driving Machine”

  • The Tii Register is an informal group of BMW enthusiasts specifically interested in the 2002tii, one of the worlds most truly memorable automobiles.
  • The Tii Register is a self-supporting through the help and contributions of its members and open to anyone with interest, which is today worldwide.
  • Our content here is focused on facts collected through 20+ years of printed news letters, and the sharing of information originally granted to us by BMW NA and BMW AG for the preservation of the cars.
  • Registration with this site allows specific benefits, which includes the ability to further dialogue with fellow owners and also with directors of the Tii Register, if you choose.
  • We have all of the data organized by category and keywords to help you in your quest for further knowledge.

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