The BMW 2002tii Fuel Injection System Manual & Video


As part of the conversion of the register’s knowledge into a more “virtual group of owners” in the 21st Century, Bob and I have been working together to republish all of the original information published in two decades of newsletters and also much of the hard to find original BMW NA documentation.  We have released the video and the book, “The BMW 2002 tii Fuel Injection System”, which has been only available in hard copy and VHS/DVD to Register members and BMW dealers in North America. These were originally developed by BMW North America for its dealer network in the early 1980s.

There are two parts you need to review – VIDEO and MANUAL. See below.


Example: Click links below to download the video.
Example: Click links below to download the video.

The video is complimentary to the manual and can be viewed on any computer with the proper viewer – Quicktime from Apple for the low res (may work for dialup users) or the largest file (DSL or higher). Unfortunately the original audio is originally a bit distorted – converting to the web magnifies the flaws of the audio more. Click below to view the video in your browser. (Note, Windows users can right click and save the file to your local drive)


Quicktime – Low Resolution (11mb)
Quicktime – High Resolution (28mb)


The pump manual is in PDF format, 29 pages.

The manual is over 22mb Acrobat PDF file in length, but contains the vast majority of information previously known to dealers and pump subject matter experts.  Of course, this is not a step by step to rebuild your pump by any stretch of the imagination – that still takes experts with the right tools, parts and test equipment. However, this does answer the majority of questions asked by Tii owners and prospective owners when it comes to the Kugelfischer pump.

Click here to download the manual.