Bosch replacement distributor for Tii


Owner Jim Gerock writes to us:

I’ve had trouble trying to find a replacement Bosch distributor (even the ID48X) for my 73. The ID48X is highly recommended in many articles.

Jim follows up:

After ordering one on-line from (2) companies, I received follow-up e-mails saying they are no longer available. I’m waiting for a new one from a 3rd company (who indicated they had (2) in stock) and I’ll provide an update after I receive it. I even called a Bosch Customer service number today. The helpful rep. I spoke with said the production of these distributors stopped several years ago. Tune-up parts are still easily available.

You can still purchase the bearings and some small parts thru Maximillian in MD to keep your original one going. The Bosch “009” for the air cooled VW is similiar – but it went out of production years ago.
After further investigation, I have received a new Bosch distributor ordered from Pelican Parts in CA. They only had (2) in stock! Pelican # 12-11-1-271-726 @ $ 404.75 There was a large white Bosch sticker on the cap: 0 986 237 020-090 with an arrow pointing from # 0 231 188 002.

Here are the part numbers from the actual unit:

Stamped on housing: #    0231 188 002  JFD4
Cap #                    1235 522 056
Rev. limiting rotor #    1234 332 208 6600
Dust cover #             1230500 147

The distributor came complete except for the O-ring for the shaft. I installed it and the car started and ran perfect (after setting the timing). I didn’t even check the points gap (yet)! The numbers stamped on the housing matched my original 73tii distributor – but do not match the distributor numbers listed in the back of the K-F fuel injection manual.

I hope this information is helpful to others. Jim Gerock

2 thoughts on “Bosch replacement distributor for Tii”

  1. Jim,

    The 002 distributor (which is what Pelican sold you – “0231 188 002”) is the only current replacement distributor for Tii. While it is not exact, it’s not far off the original 008 (early ’72-73) or 013 (later, 74tii) distributors.

    Don’t disgard your old distributor. In most cases they can be repaired and re calibrated for a lot less money than buying a new distributor!

    1. Thanks Keith. I plant to ship my original tii distributor to Advanced Distributors in MN for a rebuild. There is definitely a difference in the “008” and “002” units.

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