Installing the Rear bumper impact strip


When installing a new rubber impact (rub) strip on the chrome bumper, straighten out the strip (from shipping) then spray a little WD-40 in the (2) grooves to help the clips slide down the grooves. My 73 tii has a total of (17) threaded clips for the rear bumper. Coat the threads of the clip studs with anti-seize paste before installing the strip on the bumper. Align the (2) pre-cut holes for the over-riders (if equipped) with the bumper, then align all the threaded clips. Mount the strip to the bumper starting at the middle, then bend the ends around the curves, using a rubber mallet to help push the strip close to the bumper.
Use only new BMW hardware to ensure a good, long lasting fit. All of my old bolts broke when disassembling the bumper – so be prepared with new hardware.

Last update: 2007-07-06 06:01
Author: Jim Gerock

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