How to identify a 2002tii exhaust manifold


How to identify a 2002tii exhaust manifold

We are asked many times how to identify a 2002tii exhaust manifold. There seems to be several for sale which appear similar but are not.  For example:

What is the difference between the exhaust manifolds fitted to tii’s and standard 2002’s? Were the original castings the same or was there a difference in the casting? Also, have the manifolds changed; i.e., are new replacement manifolds the same as those originally fitted to tii’s? Currently, the tii exhaust manifold seems to be the only manifold available through Mobile Tradition (excluding the thermal reactor which is also available – for $2000!). What’s up with that? -Jerry

The good news is that adding the tii manifold to any BMW 2002 engine will improve the performance in terms of gas mileage and horsepower because of better flow.  The original manifolds, especially the 1975-1976 models were restrictive to meet early EPA pollution standards and eventually warp the head due to the extreme heat produced by them compared to the original design.

When you place the old style and any 2002tii manifolds side by side, it is easy to tell the differences. As the saying goes, a picture is worth 1,000 words.

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Tii Exhaust - Click to view

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