Oil filter replacement – the CLEAN way!


This is how to replace your oil filter (NEXT OIL CHANGE) without any oil leaking out all over the side of the engine and your clean drive.

  1. Drain engine oil from sump – filler cap off
  2. Place back the oil sump nut – hand tight and leave a dripping tray under.
  3. Pour 1 LTR of any cheap oil (or flushing oil if you have spare cash!) into engine and close filler cap.
  4. Start engine and let it run for 2 mins – DO NOT REV. and turn off
  5. Drain the cleaning oil from sump, and place back sump nut tight.
  6. Undo oil filter – NO OIL IN FILTER – NO LEAKS – NO MESS !! but remember to oil the filter rubber seal, PLACE NEW FILTER.
  7. Fill up engine oil.

Last update: 2007-11-25 20:20
Author: Sil Suleyman

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