Seat release lever cable adjustment


If pulling up on the tilt lever won’t release the seatback, the cable(s) may need adjustment (or they may have broken). There are (2) cables which are secured to the outer release lever with separate thru-type bolts. Remove the rear cover from the seatback with a Phillips screwdriver and the cables will be revealed. The inner (tunnel side) cable is a long one that is routed around a plastic pulley and down to the locking cam assembly.

The outer cable is short and follows the outer seat rail. Use needle nose pliers to hold the cable while adjusting the small 10 mm nut and bolt assembly. It takes a few tries to get both adjusted correctly. Lubricate the pulley and locking cam parts with light grease before re-installing the seat back cover.

Last update: 2007-07-06 06:08
Author: Jim Gerock

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