2002 Circuit Basics


We have all seen numbers on the 2002’s terminals and wire numbers on schematics and perhaps thought nothing about it. It probably comes as no surprise to learn the numbering is actually part of a German industrial standard and is used on all German cars as well as vehicles produced elsewhere.

Let’s keep this simple and point out a few basics for you to remember. Circuit/Contact 1  Lead to ignition points 15  Switched battery voltage — through ignition switch 30  Unswitched battery voltage 31  Ground return 50  Starter solenoid cranking switched voltage Ground wires are usually brown And for Bosch Ignition Coils – If the letter “W’ is stamped on the bottom of the coil, it must be used with a ballast resistor. Last update: 2006-12-06 23:55 Author: tiiregister

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